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I joined AATCC in 2006, when I assumed the colorist position at Levi Strauss & Company (LS&CO).   At that time, there was just one colorist position in the company.  While I had several years of experience approving shade ranges for after-wash garments, I knew nothing about color theory, science or spectrophotometers.  I was, in fact, a Theater major in college (with additional education in Training and Human Resources.)  Nevertheless, I was thrilled to land the colorist position.  I knew in my heart it was going to be the best role for me at LS&CO.  I was also acutely aware that I had a lot to learn – and quickly – if I was going to succeed.  LS&CO had among the best denim experts in the industry, but color experts were, well,  at a minimum.  I was going to have to reach outside of my comfort zone and the company to make the best of my new role.   Members of AATCC fast became my color gurus.   Between classes, workshops, coffees, a lot of emails, and phone time, members of AATCC taught me most everything I needed to learn.  I’ve developed relationships I will forever be grateful for.   And, today, people come to me for advice on color processes and practices.


As the chair of the California Chapter of AATCC (and chair of our Color Perception Pillar), I’m proud to be giving back.  What’s even more rewarding is our chapter’s special focus on a subject I care deeply about  – Sustainability.  I know, “Sustainability” is an over-used word.   To me, it’s about our future.  Everyone wants safe water to drink, clean air to breathe, nourishing food to eat and non-toxic clothing.  Everyone wants a thriving home for our kids and grandkids.  As a nature lover, I appreciate the interdependence of all life, and I want to learn all I can about how to preserve our shared home.  The apparel and textiles industry plays an important role in the health and safety of the environment on which we depend.  What a promising time to explore how our work can not only sustain the water and soil systems we depend upon, but improve them.  


Please return to this page, as we will post other member statements soon.  We would love for you to join our community, and we hope to see you at the conference.


Chair of the California Chapter of AATCC

Lead Colorist, Levi Strauss & Co.

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Having a career centered around the physical and performance testing of textiles, AATCC is an organization that has always been part of my professional life – I can honestly say I read, test to, or reference AATCC test methods no less than 3 times a week! While I have been a member of AATCC for almost 20 years, it has been in the last 4 years that I became more involved with the association - locally and nationally.


Resurrecting the Pacific Coast Section, that was defunct for nearly a decade, into AATCC California was a great experience for me, personally and professionally.

Not only was I able to become connected with fellow textile enthusiasts, but I was empowered to think strategically to create a framework for the section that could be relevant and engage a wide variety of professionals. I am very proud of the vision that AATCC California is founded upon - 7 Pillars comprised of Color Perception, Laboratory Testing, Regulatory/Compliance, Chemical Applications, Technology/Wearable Electronics,  Education/Student Engagement and Sustainability.


Sustainability took a front seat for the section as the designated theme for all technical meetings for the 2018-2019 term. Working for The North Face and VF, a brand and corporation that both have sustainability as a core principle, the theme has allowed for networking and educational opportunities that introduced me to so many new people, perspectives and experiences.


Founding Chair of AATCC California

Sr. Lab Manager, The North Face

Hi, my name is Hayley Allred. I am the Social Media and Webmaster for AATCC, and I created this web site.   I started February 4th and have loved every second of being a part of AATCC. Each day I discover something new and realize how big of an impact AATCC has on the world and its safety. I have always been one who loves community service and giving back. In college I served as two Community Service chairs in my honor societies on top of giving back through the Meals on Wheels program founded by my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. I knew when I started that I could continue that passion through AATCC.


Sustainability wasn’t a major influence in my life until I started college at Appalachian State University. At Appalachian State I connected with the culture, people, and landscape. Yes, people say that Appalachian State has the stereotype of being those weird mountain hippies who tree hug and never wear shoes even in the snow -- and they were right. I loved those people. I loved how much the school, townspeople, and students cared so much for the well-being of our environment and health of the Appalachian Mountains. There are even majors at Appalachian State University that are correlated with the mountains and rich history itself. Above all, I know Appalachian State is one of the most sustainable colleges in America. One person once told me, what you put into something is what you get out. I believe nothing could be truer. I opened my heart to the mountains and fell in love with every bit of the culture. Giving back and taking care of where I lived became my lifestyle. I fell in love with the people who were just as passionate about the surrounding culture as I was. Who would have ever thought I would end up in an industry with the same heart as the one I had come from back at Appalachian State?


AATCC puts its members before anything else. Our whole goal is to better the well-being of others through textile research and development. It is amazing to learn about what we have accomplished and continue to accomplish as an industry. Never have I met more passionate beings involved with the textile industry than the members of AATCC. The California Chapter Sustainability Conference is the future of textiles. I am so happy and honored to be a part of the AATCC 2019 CA Sustainability Conference and see it grow and thrive.


Social Media and Webmaster for AATCC

The intersection of textiles and the human body has always been a passion of mine. From athletic apparel to e-textiles and polymers, I am intrigued by how we interact with the materials we make and put on the human body. I like to call this the “science” behind clothes –like how the shoe flexes with the foot and how the down jacket keeps us warmer than the synthetic one. Integral to understanding the “science” behind apparel is data! There is no better way to collect data than testing. I am constantly using AATCC methodologies to figure out why and how the material is interacting with the user.

When I started working at an apparel brand, it became apparent that apparel is not only interacting with our individual bodies, but it is also interacting with the human ecosystem beyond our bodies. I hadn’t fully realized that the life-span of apparel also plays a part in global climate change. Making clothes is necessary—we need to protect our bodies and express ourselves through what we put on our bodies. But I started to question: if it is necessary to make more things, how do we make those things in a better way? How do we reduce the impact of making more things?

I am so glad I joined AATCC California as the Lab Testing Pillar Chair. The California Chapter has been a forerunner in asking how an industry in the business of making things with a finite life-span is addressing this major issue of “Sustainability”. Through the chapter’s events and networking, I have been able to see how the textile industry is making steps in the right direction and asking that question—“How do we make this in a better way?”


AATCC California Lab Testing Pillar Chair

Lab Coordinator at The North Face

Upon graduating and starting out in the apparel industry, I had no idea of the impact of color in the development process, let alone the opportunity of a career within color! This was a whole new world to me and I was eager to learn the science, aesthetics, and practices embedded in this niche role. Being a color analyst, I was able to familiarize myself with AATCC and the endless resources, trainings, and events it provides to educate and serve the industry. One of my favorite and most memorable activities of AATCC has been judging the yearly C2C Student Merchandising Competitions. This has been an amazing opportunity to give back to the industry and participate in association work, while helping to encourage students in their studies and careers. As I look back on my education and early career days, I am very grateful for organizations such as AATCC, helping students prepare for their dream careers!


As Chapter Secretary, I’ve held the responsibility of attending meetings and providing our leaders and corporate counterparts with transparent, informational meeting notes to showcase our efforts in the California Chapter. Having the ability to capture and share the robust topics, speakers, and discussions of our chapter has been an empowering and exciting opportunity. Two years ago, I relocated to San Diego from the Bay Area and I still feel greatly involved and connected through remote meeting attendance and new Southern California events. Through AATCC’s network, I have stayed in touch with great colleagues in the Bay Area, while making new connections here in San Diego.


Working in development and color roles, you have first-hand experience seeing the impact of retail on the environment. From the exorbitant tons of wastewater to the mass amounts of clothing ending up in landfills, you can’t help but question our daily work and its effects. Working with AATCC and its many passionate members, we are helping to bring new technologies, best practices, and innovation ideas to push sustainability to the forefront in retail. Attending informational quarterly meetings and fun excursions like the Algalita Sail have ignited a passion to strive for better sustainable approaches in my personal and professional lives!


AATCC California Secretary

SoftGoods Project Coordinator, Scotty Cameron 

I’ve been a member of AATCC since I was a textile major in graduate school, and I feel honored to serve as the Regulatory/Compliance Pillar of the California Chapter.  


During my first year of membership, I attended workshops and conferences as a means for further education and to establish a foundation for a career in textiles.  AATCC has helped me keep up with changes in the textile field.  I’ve been able to consult with its diverse membership in matters ranging from wet processing through Sustainable practices.


The California Bay Area is an incubator of innovative applications for fibers and polymers.  AATCC is no longer only a resource for test methods that I had relied on early in my career.  It has evolved into an organization where innovative ideas are exchanged, resulting in new products and services that have created businesses.  This to me is the ultimate benefit of membership.


AATCC’s involvement in Sustainability creates visibility to other industries which I believe created opportunities for employment beyond textile design, manufacturing and evaluation.  My responsibilities have grown from assessing risks specific to the end user to include risks to the environment.  


AATCC California Regulatory/Compliance Pillar Chair

Senior Manager for Product Safety, Gap Inc.

As an innovator of new products, I've always strived to develop products and create materials that bring value to society and the planet.


I have been a member of the AATCC since 2011 after beginning my work at Applied Silver, Inc. while developing a unique textile treatment technology. I've served as the Chemical Applications Pillar Chair since 2015 and all the while, AATCC has been a wonderful resource both educationally and professionally. 


I am currently serving as Product Manager at MycoWorks, Inc., driving the development and production of Fine Mycelium leather, a sustainable material, that is leveraged by high fashion luxury goods and performance footwear brands. 


AATCC CA chapter Chemicals Applications Pillar Chair

Product Manager at MycoWorks Inc.